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Jangled Jester is a blog and craft shop participating in the preservation of consciousness with science, art, and agnostic enchantment.

JJ was founded in 2018 by Becca @bhexkunzler — a writer, student, licensed insurance representative, agnostic occultist, and creative director. Becca is an alumni of East Tennessee State University with a B.Sc. in clinical psychology and is currently obtaining a B.Sc. in computer science remotely from Western Governor's University. She's also an insurance representative with the stellar local insurance agency Nick McMillan State Farm.

Becca was raised in the Independent Freewill Baptist church and became interested in Paganism, Left Hand Path magick and witchcraft in high school. Later in 2021, she realized she'd lost faith in a theistic, creationist idea of god as well as the necessity of religion. Instead, philosophies referred to as "agnostic enchantment,” and Albert Camus’ "absurdity," as well as neutral, secular interpretations of magick and occultism, allowed her to see a path for both religious and non-religious thinkers alike to connect and craft enchantment and wellness. 

Jangled Jester is a shared archive and community for any person interested in these topics. Please check out JJ's gift shop to see what's in, and thanks for staying curious, critical, and being a part of the Jangled Jester family!