Jangled Jester is an Appalachian archive and shared community for any person interested in secularism or mundane enchantment. Jangled Jester started as a metaphysics blog in 2018 but was rebranded to support secular and agnostic wellness through the vision of JJ's creative creator, @RebeccaKinsler in 2021.

Rebecca was raised in the Independent Freewill Baptist church and later became interested in Christian mysticism, Paganism, and science magic. By her mid-20s, she'd lost belief in most traditional aspects of religiosity and was instead drawn to an agnostic, nonreligious collage of philosophies such as Dr. Kirk Schneider's "agnostic enchantment,” and Albert Camus’ "absurdism."

By combining elements of art, philosophy, and science, Jangled Jester was able to produce its first book “The Secular Occultist’s Handbook of Physicalist Magick,” as a guide for people interested in secularly exploring naturalist, agnostic, and first-principles methods of enchantment and wellness.

Jangled Jester's gift shop features goodies crafted by Rebecca and her sister Ashley. Rebecca is a full-time insurance representative helping the best insurance agency serve Appalachians in and surrounding the Tri-Cities. She is a customer support professional with over 10+ years experience, dipping her toes in sales and small business development, an ETSU alumni with a BSc. clinical psychology, and a remote computer science student with Western Governor's University.

Rebecca's sister Ashley joined Jangled Jester as a brand curator in 2024. Ashley is a full-time nurse practitioner and health care professional of the Tri-Cities. She has worked with emergency rooms, NICU, dermatology, labor and delivery, and many other health departments. She has a passion for serving the community and is a part-time photographer, homemaker, and curator for JJ. She is also mother of two, wife, and secularist who believes in God, growth, and justice. 

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