CrAIyon x Spookywood AI Generated Art

CrAIyon x Spookywood AI Generated Art

Craiyon, formerly known as DALL-E mini, is an online and free artificial intelligence (AI) model that draws images based on your prompts.

You can visit Craiyon here:

How does Craiyon work?

According to their website, Craiyon is an open-source model that's processed millions of photographs, and it also generates new images based on its memory and prompts you input. Some images can be similar to images already existing, but Craiyon can also create tons of new images by combining concepts (Boris Dayma and Pedro Cuenca, 2022).

Craiyon functions with 3 main techniques:

  • Image Encoder
  • Text-to-Image Model
  • Quality Filtering Model

To test out the model, check out these Spookywood designs Craiyon came up with!


Cyclops Deer Dragon

There are other mythological creatures that resemble Spookywood's cyclops deer dragon. Spookywood's emblem symbolizes the body, magick and the occult.




Faithless Frog

Sometimes life feels like being stuck in stinky, deluded pond water.








Making Candles in the Cottage

Spookywood's magick shop has a candle collection!









Secular Studio 

Organization and scientific process replace religious altars. 







Spookywood Clowns

Silly, spooky and stylish.





Appalachian Magick

The Appalachian mountains span across 13 states in the eastern United States and are some of the oldest on Earth. 




Would you like to see more CrAIyon and Spookywood collaborations? Did you try CrAIyon yourself and have something cool to share? Leave a comment!



Dayma, Boris and Cuenca, Pedro. (2022). DALL·E mini - Generate Images from Any Text Prompt. Weights & Biases.


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