Brief Note on the Correlation Between Magick and Occultism

Brief Note on the Correlation Between Magick and Occultism

Occultism and magick are two distinct fields, though they have a fascinating correlation.
Occultism is a philosophy that focuses on knowledge-seeking and curiosity about the unknown. It is concerned with exploring mysteries and discovering hidden truths.


Magick, on the other hand, is a philosophy that deals with the existence of essence, or the design of function. It is concerned with how things work, and people are able to manipulate magick.


An occultist is someone who is curious about the unknown and seeks knowledge and understanding about it.


A magickian is someone who studies magick and practices it by designing processes or functions. The two fields complement each other by providing predictions and resolutions for uncertainty.


The sun, for example, is a non-living phenomena with magick, and people have occult curiosities about the sun. People may wonder about it's chemical composition, how it interacts with other forms and whether it has any knowledge about itself. To understand the sun, you also need magick. You need to know what the sun is doing and how it works, which requires the use of science, tools, experimentation and protective equipment. 


Airplanes, as another example, are also symbolic of magick and occultism. Avionics emerges from a curious desire to explore what’s happening in unknown parts of the world and more efficient ways of getting there. The magick of avionics is building them!


While most definitions of magick and occultism are religious, they do not necessarily have to be so. These technical definitions can be successful in keeping a connection to the past while establishing a rational and realistic base for agnostics in the future.


Spookywood has separated from religion including egotheism and is interested in networking with people creating secular philosophies and agnostic enchantment. Secular communities are often liberally biased, so you may be happy to note I’m politically moderate.


Learning how things work and how to change our circumstances is a direct response to uncertainty. It is not necessary to be religious to benefit from human abilities to observe existence, make predictions about it and creatively participate in its processes.
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