Make Hillbilly Multiplanetary

Make Hillbilly Multiplanetary

Expanding country living and southern heritage to other planets is possible with extensive research and planning. Settling on new planets will require new technology to support life in these new environments. Significant investment in infrastructure and resources will be required to settle in new planetary atmospheres and train for the relevant skills and knowledge. The success(es) of this vision will depend on advances in space technology, human enthusiasm and abilities to work together to solve complex problems in new environments.

Including Appalachian culture and hillbilly heritage in the mission to make humanity multiplanetary is important for a few reasons. One is that preserving and promoting cultural diversity helps ensure humanity retains a sense of its own eclectic identity as humans expand into new worlds. Additionally, "southern hospitality" helps create a sense of community and belonging among settlers of new planets, maintaining morale and mental well-being in the face of isolation and obscure, occult challenges.



Another reason for including hillbillies in humanity's vision for expanding to new planets is to promote a more inclusive and equitable space colonization. Humanity shouldn't forget its roots, and hillbillies contribute a lot to civilization.

In this article for Scientific American, Sherry Hamby wrote about technological resiliency in Appalachia and how it isn't appropriate to reduce a hillbilly's rejection of tech as ignorance. Sometimes people simply don't want any risk of intrusion, for example, and that's fair and at their liberty to choose.

Spookywood is based in Tennessee and is still interested in STEM outreach, so for any southerner who is interested in tech, space exploration, or secular occultism, please consider subscribing to Spookywood socials for updates on these topics! Here are a few ways hillbillies could help make humanity's multiplanetary mission even better:




Hillbillies are known for their ability to be self-sufficient and make do with limited resources. This skill could be valuable for space colonization where resources may be limited and the ability to sustain oneself is crucial.

Many hillbillies have lived in remote and isolated areas and are familiar with the challenges that come with being cut off from the rest of society. This experience could help with understanding and coping with the isolation that will be inherent to space colonization.



Work Ethic

Hillbillies are known for their hardworking, determined nature. This could be an asset in the challenging and demanding task of establishing human presence on other planets.


Love of Land

Many hillbillies have a deep understanding and appreciation of the land, its resources and how to live in harmony with nature. This knowledge could be applied to understanding and living on other planets where the environment may be vastly different from that of Earth.




Hillbillies have a history of ingenuity and resourcefulness. This trait could be applied to developing new technologies and solutions for challenges related to space colonization.

Hillbillies are known for their ability to make use of what is available to them, whether it be natural resources or materials at hand. This trait could be applied to finding solutions for resource management and material sourcing in space colonization. 




Hillbillies are known for their strong sense of community and family. This value could be applied to building and maintaining cohesive, cooperative and supportive communities in space.




Hillbillies have a history of adapting to changing circumstances and making the best of difficult times and situations. This skill is valuable in the context of space colonization where unexpected challenges are likely to arise and the ability to adapt is crucial.






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