Using DALLE to Support Your Business

Using DALLE to Support Your Business

DALL•E is a text-to-image diffusion modeled provided by OpenAI. 

Input a prompt about what you want to see into DALL•E. Let it work its magic.

Per OpenAI, "Subject to the Content Policy and Terms, you own the images you create with DALL·E, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise – regardless of whether an image was generated through a free or paid credit."

Jangled Jester has been experimenting with DALL•E image assistance for blog post art, candle and product labels, draft visions for products, and recreational daydreaming.

It's a unique way to experiment with new probabilities of color, textures, and concepts. It makes it even better that you can reuse output as you see fit.

The easiest way to access DALL•E is through Bing. 

Bing gives you 15 free credits daily. Each credit will generate you (4) images. So, you get 60 free images daily. If you prioritize using the app every day, you can get mega prosperous use from Bing's DALL•E bot.

OpenAI's in-house model bot charges $15 for 115 credits. That'll get you 575 images. This is a nice option if you want to skip the wait and get bulk access to output immediately.


What Can I Create With DALL•E?

These are a few ideas Jangled Jester has either used or come across. The possibilities definitely surpass this list, so have fun adding your own.

  •  Blog images

  • Business cards

  • Greeting cards
  • Logos

  • Web design

  • Venue layouts
  • Prints
  • Clip art

  • Virtual Dreaming
  • Memories
  • Fashion inspo
  • Educational content

All of these are Jangled Jester projects created using DALL•E for support.


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