Brainstorming Agnostic Candle Rituals

Brainstorming Agnostic Candle Rituals

It's crossed my mind to start experimenting with nonreligious or agnostic candle rituals. Candles for morning, dinner, or dessert. Candles for every special occasion. Wedding tapers. Baby's first chime.

There's a lot of debate about what constitutes "religion" and if it should be exclusive to theological deities. Some might regard religion as anything you worship, where worship is the ability to find great reverence for something, be it be a god, a parent, or simple charms of life.

Jangled Jester's use of "nonreligious" in language doesn't call for a ban of faith but rather an abhorrence of dogma. It's important that we think for ourselves and are free to question our beliefs. However, if religiosity is conceptualized as a general sense of high regard for or worthiness about an idea or concept, then it's possible JJ is religious for mundane enchantment.

Someone might find worthiness or worship in everyday, non-theological practices like brushing their teeth and watering the garden. A purpose of agnostic magick is to encourage exploration of design and process. Agnostic candle rituals can accommodate either atheist or theistic practices.

For context, magick defined by Jangled Jester is the connection between form and function. Theology has form and function, and so does Darwinian evolutionary biology. By connecting through the pillars of art and science, religious and nonreligious thinkers alike can unite and spark their lives with curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Often, I use OpenAI's DALLE image creator to brainstorm ideas and product drafts. Here are a few guidelines for JJ's upcoming agnostic ritual candles:


1. The Price.

JJ's agnostic ritual candles should be a happy-medium of price. We want them to be expensive enough that you find them special, want to interact with them more than the average candle, and use them to build new, lasting, and memorable routines for yourself.


2. The Art.

An expensive price tag isn't enough to sell these candles. What we need most is standout art. The aesthetic is often the mode of obtaining focus, and it needs to balance old school southern tradition with abstract futurism, naturalism, and punk whimsy flare.


3. The Operation.

What are interactive ways to burn and use candles? How can we make unique molds, casts, and holders for them? How do we produce more captivating hues and fragrances? JJ's idea is to start with a flat-top pillar decoupage candle where we'll substitute the wick with a small, replaceable tealight in the top center of the candle. This way, they are less of a fire hazard and reusable.


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