Reasons to Use Magick and Occultism in Your Daily Life

Reasons to Use Magick and Occultism in Your Daily Life

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Occultism and magick are complex concepts that have been approached and interpreted in different ways throughout history and across cultures. In general, occultism can be understood as a set of practices, beliefs, and experiences that seek to access hidden or undiscovered knowledge, while magick is the use of specific techniques and formulae to design a function or process.

There are several reasons why both magick and occultism can be worth celebrating and embodying in your daily life whether in a secular or religious context. Here are some possible perspectives:


A way to explore the unknown.

Occultism and magick offer a way to explore mysteries and potentials of the universe beyond what is visible or known through conventional means. By engaging in practices that challenge our assumptions and expand our consciousness, we can gain new insights and experiences that enrich our understanding of the world and ourselves.


A source of personal empowerment.

The practice of magick can be a way to gain insight over one's desires and intentions in the world, and to feel a sense of agency and control over one's life. By learning the formulae of the universe and aligning with physics, one can cultivate a sense of confidence and purpose that is empowering.


A way to connect with history and tradition.

Many cultures have a rich history of occultism and magick often intertwined with religious, spiritual and even scientific traditions. Preserving these terms is a way to honor the continuity of cultural heritages.


A way to cultivate creativity and imagination.

Magick often involves academia, visualizations, experimentation and daily rituals to stimulate the imagination and creativity. By engaging in magick, you learn to design creative pursuits.


A way to foster community and solidarity.

Occultism and magick can be a way to form bonds with people around the world who share similar worldviews of knowledge-seeking curiousity and learning how to participate in the way things work. By connecting under the umbrella of magick and occultism, we create a sense of belonging and support to each other despite being religious or non-religious.



Of course, it's important to note the various practices of occultism and magick. Some behavior does indeed have negative consequences, so it makes sense that a pursuit of new knowledge or invention could cause more damage than benefits.

These practices involve a degree of risk and uncertainty and should be carefully explored. If approached with curiosity, respect and mindfulness, they offer rich and rewarding paths of exploration and discovery.



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