Jangled Jester’s Community Event Ideas

Jangled Jester’s Community Event Ideas

What people need most right now is community. A network of trusted people to support their curious, critical, and creative journeys. Reliable friends and chosen family to call on and resources for their goals and needs.

Jangled Jester's philosophy is rooted in physicalism, design principles, and secular wellness. Our blog is influenced by Albert Camus' "absurdism," the idea that life is fundamentally meaningless but that we're capable of creating meaning. It can be challenging to make meaning in this troubled world, but JJ is dedicated to improving lives with art and science.

Below are a few of JJ's ideas for secular community events. Please feel free to reference this list when organizing events of your own. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@jangledjester.com.



Everyone loves to eat! Humans need to eat. Food is an excellent way to connect your community and learn who's around. It's a gift to provide someone a snack or meal, and you're bound to meet interesting folks who are also interested in your project. However, don't expect everyone to be, and don't begrudge what you give away to the ones who aren't.

Family Friendly

  • Farm-to-Table Dinners: Host a farm-to-table dinner where guests can enjoy a meal made from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. This event can emphasize the importance of supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

  • Cooking Classes: Offer cooking classes for families to learn new recipes and cooking techniques. This could include classes on baking, grilling, or making international cuisine.

  • Food Truck Festival:  Organize a food truck festival featuring a variety of cuisines and dishes. This event allows families to explore different flavors and food cultures in a fun and casual setting.

  • Potluck Picnic:  Host a potluck picnic where guests bring their favorite dishes to share. This event encourages community and connection while celebrating the diversity of food.

  • Veggie Food Festival: Showcase the variety and creativity of plant-based cuisine with a vegan and vegetarian food festival. This event can appeal to those interested in ethical eating.

  • Community Cookbook Launch:  Create a community cookbook featuring recipes from local residents and host a launch party to celebrate. This event can foster a sense of community and shared culinary heritage.


  • Wine Tasting and Pairing:  Organize a wine tasting and pairing event where guests can sample a selection of wines from different regions and learn about the art of wine pairing with food. This event can be educational and enjoyable, with the opportunity to discover new wines and flavors.

  • Cocktail / Mocktail Mixing Class:  Offer a cocktail mixing class where participants can learn how to make classic and modern cocktails. This event can be led by a professional mixologist who can share tips, techniques, and the history of various cocktails.

  • Whiskey Education: Organize a whiskey tasting and education event where attendees can sample a variety of whiskeys and learn about the differences in production, aging, and flavor profiles. This event can be led by a whiskey expert or brand ambassador.

A Wine Education Event My Good Friend, Vicki Hosted Locally





  • Open Mic Nights: Organize an open mic night where community members can showcase their musical talents, whether it be singing, playing an instrument, or even reciting poetry. This event can help foster a sense of community and encourage creative expression.

  • Music Workshops: Offer music workshops where community members can learn to play an instrument, improve their singing skills, or explore music theory. These workshops can be led by local musicians or music teachers and can cater to different skill levels.

  • Battle of the Bands: Host a friendly competition for local bands to showcase their talent and compete for a prize. This event can attract a wide range of music enthusiasts and provide a platform for local bands to gain exposure.

  • Music and Craft Market: Combine your craft shop with a music market, featuring local artisans and musicians. This event allows community members to shop for unique crafts, listen to live music, and support local talent.

  • Community Jam Sessions: Organize weekly or monthly jam sessions where community members can bring their instruments and play together in a casual setting. This event can help build a sense of camaraderie among musicians and encourage collaboration.

  • Music Trivia Nights: Host a music trivia night where community members can test their knowledge of music history, genres, and artists. This event can be a fun and engaging way for music lovers to connect and learn more about their favorite artists.


  • Science Café: Host a monthly science café where community members can gather to discuss and learn about various scientific topics in a casual setting. Invite local scientists, researchers, or educators to lead the discussions and share their knowledge.

  • Community Science Fair: Organize a community science fair where local scientists, researchers, and educators can showcase their work and engage with the public. This event can include interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and hands-on activities for all ages.

  • Science Workshops: Offer workshops on various scientific topics, such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, or environmental science. These workshops can be led by local experts and can include hands-on activities and demonstrations to help participants learn and engage with the subject matter.

  • Science and Art Collaboration: Host an event that brings together artists and scientists to explore the intersection of science and art. This can include workshops, exhibitions, or performances that showcase the creative ways in which science and art can intersect.

  • Science and Nature Walks: Organize guided nature walks or hikes led by local naturalists or scientists. These events can help community members learn about the local flora, fauna, and ecosystems while enjoying the outdoors.



  • Hackathon: Host a hackathon where participants can collaborate on innovative projects, learn new skills, and network with like-minded individuals. This event can be themed around a specific topic or technology, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, or IoT.

  • Repair Café: Organize a repair café where community members can bring their broken or malfunctioning items for assessment and repair. This event promotes sustainability, encourages skill-sharing, and fosters a sense of community.

  • Tech Workshops: Offer workshops on various technology topics, such as coding, web design, or digital marketing. These workshops can be led by local experts and can cater to different skill levels.

  • Tech Talks: Host a series of tech talks featuring local experts and professionals who can share their knowledge and experiences in the tech industry. This event can help inspire and educate community members interested in technology.

  • Tech Career Fair: Organize a tech career fair where local companies and organizations can showcase their job opportunities and connect with potential candidates. This event can help support the local tech community and promote career growth.

  • Virtual Reality Experience Day: Set up a virtual reality experience day where community members can try out different VR applications and learn about the technology. This event can be both educational and entertaining.

  • Tech Showcase: Host a tech showcase where local startups, entrepreneurs, and inventors can present their products and ideas. This event can help promote innovation and collaboration within the community.

  • Gaming Tournament: Organize a gaming tournament featuring popular video games or esports titles. This event can attract gamers of all ages and provide a fun and competitive atmosphere.


  • DIY Home Decor Workshop: Host a workshop where participants can learn to create unique and personalized home decor items using various crafting techniques. This could include projects like macramé wall hangings, painted plant pots, or custom picture frames.

  • Candle Making Workshop: Organize a candle making workshop where participants can learn to create their own scented or unscented candles using different waxes, molds, and scents. This event can also include information on the history and symbolism of candles in various spiritual practices.

  • Natural Dyeing Workshop: Offer a workshop on natural dyeing techniques using materials like flowers, leaves, and berries to create custom-dyed fabrics and yarns. This event can emphasize the connection between nature and crafting, and provide participants with a sustainable and eco-friendly way to create unique colors.

  • Embroidery and Sewing Workshop: Host a workshop on embroidery and sewing techniques, teaching participants how to create beautiful and intricate designs on fabric or repair them. This event can cater to different skill levels and include patterns inspired by nature, mythology, or personal interests.

  • Paper Crafting Workshop: Organize a paper crafting workshop where participants can learn to create handmade cards, origami sculptures, or paper flowers. This event can provide a fun and creative outlet for people of all ages and skill levels.

Heritage Days is a fall festival in Rogersville, TN. Jangled Jester peacefully presented secular crafts and agnostic enchantment to over 25,000 people in 2023.


  • Interfaith Service Projects: Organize service projects that address local needs, such as food drives, environmental cleanups, or support for the homeless. These projects can bring together individuals from different spiritual backgrounds to work towards a common goal, promoting collaboration and understanding.

  • Spiritual Dialogue and Discussion Groups: Host regular discussion groups where members of various spiritual communities can come together to share their beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. These groups can encourage open and respectful dialogue, helping participants to learn from one another and build connections.

  • Shared Meditation and Mindfulness Practices: Offer workshops or retreats that focus on meditation and mindfulness practices from different spiritual traditions. These events can help participants find common ground in the pursuit of inner peace and self-awareness, while also promoting mutual respect and understanding.

  • Cultural Exchange and Education Events: Organize events that celebrate the diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds within the community. These events can include presentations, performances, and workshops that showcase the unique aspects of each tradition, fostering appreciation and understanding among participants.

  • Community Storytelling and Sharing Circles: Host gatherings where individuals from different spiritual backgrounds can share their personal stories and experiences. This can help participants to develop empathy and understanding, as they learn about the diverse paths that have led others to their spiritual beliefs and practices.


Mundane Enchantment

  • The Magick of Household Cleaning: Host a workshop that explores the history, science, and spiritual aspects of household cleaning. Participants can learn about the origins of cleaning rituals, the chemistry behind cleaning products, and how to incorporate mindfulness and intention into their cleaning routines.

  • The Alchemy of Cooking: Organize a cooking class that focuses on the transformation of ingredients into delicious and nutritious meals. Participants can learn about the chemical reactions that occur during cooking, the history of culinary techniques, and how to infuse their cooking with intention and creativity.

  • The Art of Organization: Offer a workshop on the art of organization, exploring the principles of feng shui, the psychology of clutter, and the practical benefits of maintaining an organized living space. Participants can learn how to create a harmonious and functional home environment that supports their well-being.

  • The Art of Plumbing and Home Repairs: Host a workshop that explores the history, science, and spiritual aspects of plumbing and home repairs. Participants can learn about the origins of plumbing systems, the chemistry behind common plumbing issues, and how to incorporate mindfulness and intention into their home maintenance routines. Include a discussion on the symbolic significance of water and the home environment.

  • The Craft of Auto Repairs: Organize a workshop on the art and science of auto maintenance, where participants can learn about the history of automobiles, the chemistry behind automotive systems, and how to infuse their auto care routine with intention and care. Focus on the transformational aspects of transportation and the role of vehicles in our lives.

  • The Wisdom of Investing in Insurance: Host a seminar on the importance of insurance and how to choose the right policies for your needs. This event can cover various types of insurance, such as homeowners, auto, life, and health insurance, and provide information on how to compare policies and find the best coverage for your situation. 


  • Conflict Resolution: Teach leaders how to manage and resolve conflicts effectively within their teams and organizations.

  • Team Building: Focus on strategies and techniques to build high-performing teams and foster collaboration among team members.

  • Change Management: Help leaders navigate and lead their teams through organizational changes and transformations.

  • Compassionate Leadership: Explore the principles of compassionate leadership, which emphasizes empathy, understanding, and support for employees.

  • Succession Planning: Discuss the importance of identifying and developing future leaders within an organization.

  • Self-Leadership: Teach leaders how to develop their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal growth to become more effective leaders.

  • Money Management: Cover financial management skills that are essential for leaders to make informed decisions and ensure the financial health of their organizations.

  • Legacy and Succession: Discuss the importance of creating a lasting impact and ensuring a smooth transition of leadership within an organization.

  • Communication: Focus on effective communication strategies and techniques to help leaders convey their vision, motivate their teams, and build strong relationships.

Business Development

  • Business Development: Organize a meeting that focuses on the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in business development. This event can feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops led by professionals in the field.

  • Networking and Partnership Event: Host a networking event where business development professionals can connect with potential clients, partners, and collaborators.

  • Sales and Marketing Workshop: Offer a workshop that covers essential sales and marketing skills for business development professionals. This event can include sessions on topics such as lead generation, customer relationship management, and effective communication strategies.

  • Product Drafting Workshop: Organize a workshop that focuses on the process of product drafting and development. This event can cover topics such as identifying customer needs, market research, product design, and prototyping. Attendees can learn from experienced product developers and engage in group discussions to share their own experiences and insights.

  • Creating a Successful Craft Schedule: Host a workshop on how to create and manage a successful craft schedule. This event can cover topics such as identifying peak seasons for craft sales, planning production timelines, and managing inventory. Participants can learn from experienced crafters and engage in group discussions to share their own strategies and tips.


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