Is metaphysics “next level” science?

No, but science also isn’t next level metaphysics. 

Metaphysics does sound a lot like science, but metaphysics a philosophical inquiry rather than a scientific inquiry. "Meta" does position metaphysics as being "beyond or outside of" physics, yet it's common that metaphysics is characterized as a supernatural science. There are Christian metaphysics, Pagan metaphysics, and even scientistic metaphysics, but none of them feature science.

It’s critical to understand that metaphysics is a philosophical action rather than a supernatural science. If metaphysics is described as a paranormal science, this is false by methodology because metaphysics does not use science. Metaphysics relies on intuition, logic and personal reason to make sense of things that cannot be measured in science or physics. It's not a space to make strong claims about paranormal facts. Metaphysics is a land of agnostic mystery. It can be insightful, but its insights are restricted to intuitively logical processes rather than scientific scalability.

When metaphysics is appreciated as a philosophy rather than an alternative science, this helps preserve its usefulness. It’s good to sit and ponder the possibilities of abstract topics, and it’s unrealistic to put every idea to the scientific test each time. Jangled Jester's hope is you’ll become inspired to value agnosticism in your metaphysics and follow-up with scientific inquiry.

Science as a modern tool and process is beneficial because it's about making changes or discoveries in ways metaphysics and philosophy cannot. Science used to be a philosophy known as natural philosophy, but its processes have become so strategic and articulate that it’s been distinguished as its own field distinct from human processes of reason, prediction-making and intuition.

Metaphysics can exist independently without science, but you’ll often spot metaphysicists using science and many scientists also participating in metaphysics. This is because metaphysics it isn’t always about religion or divinity but rather inquiring what remains elusive.

In early occult exploration and magick practices, many believed that plants and herbs or natural events have metaphysical purposes and properties in addition to their medicinal, scientific, or poetic properties. This causes metaphysics to come across like a supernatural or divine force, when truthfully, the details are too elusive to be drawn into a conclusion.

The point of metaphysics is to question abstractions. Contrarily, the purpose of science is to design measurability. At some point, if you're looking for precision, you'll depart metaphysics and venture into science. With metaphysics, there’s only so much work that can be done with intuition and personal reason, so you may need to add science to your metaphysical adventure.


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