Feeling Out of Touch With Politics? Reasons and Ways to Tune Back In

Feeling Out of Touch With Politics? Reasons and Ways to Tune Back In

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To be political, or to not be political? Ah, that is the question!

If you're interested in making decisions about your community, learning how to distribute power and resources efficiently, choosing when or when not to go to war, or keeping up with events and actions that may change education, healthcare, infrastructure, resources and social dynamics, then politics is for you!

There are many reasons why some people choose to avoid politics. Political discussions can quickly become heated and result in disagreements and conflict, which some people may find unpleasant or uncomfortable. Discussions can be emotionally charged, and some individuals find them to be a source of stress or anxiety.

Some people feel they lack knowledge or understanding necessary to engage in political discussions, and they feel intimidated or unsure of their opinions. Some people may feel that their beliefs are being attacked or criticized.

If a person feels disillusioned or frustrated with the political system, they may choose to avoid political discussions to avoid further disappointment. Some people simply have different priorities or interests and don't see the value in engaging in political discussions, but political engagement and discourse is a crucial aspect to societies.

When someone identifies as anti-political, this usually isn't to say they lack interest in helping make decisions in a community but rather they find the current political framework corrupt or inefficient.

However, apolitical people may lack political beliefs and values altogether or feel very little attachment to them. They are not motivated to participate in political discussions and find them mostly to be irrelevant. 

Politics can be draining and contentious, and it's understandable why people feel exhausted by it at times. However, it's helpful to recognize that politics can play a crucial role in shaping your life and society. By staying informed and engaged, you have the power to make changes and a positive impact on the world and your local community. Take breaks from it and resetting your focus as needed, but eventually get back in and stay involved even when it may be challenging. 



Reflect on your experiences. Think about the events and circumstances that have shaped your perspective on the world and what values and beliefs you hold as a result.

Consider your core principles. What are your fundamental beliefs about society, justice, equality, and freedom?

Do your research. Read news articles, books, and other materials to broaden your understanding of different political ideologies and perspectives.

Engage in dialogue. Talk to friends, family, and others who have different views and listen to their perspectives. By doing so, you can gain a deeper understanding of your own beliefs and values.

Test your beliefs. Challenge yourself to consider opposing viewpoints and test your own beliefs and values. This will help you to refine and strengthen your political stance.


Remember, everyone's political beliefs are unique, and it's okay to change your mind as you learn more and grow as a person. The important thing is to stay informed, stay engaged, and always be willing to learn and grow.

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