Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

In the never-ending cycle of momentary living and the never-ending grind of work, we face various obstacles and responsibilities and need to find a way to love this existence. Instead of harboring animosity, one method is to discover the magick hidden in the mundane. When we talk about magick in this context, we don't mean supernatural forces; we mean comprehending the mechanics that govern our reality.

Some link magick with religion or the paranormal, however Aleister Crowley saw it as the manipulation of art and science through human will. Jangled Jester, on the other hand, defines magick as the design of function, a natural phenomena inherent in all things that is independent of human choice.

Even the sun, according to this perspective, can be wonderful. Its structure, made of hydrogen and helium, emits conditions that allow life to thrive on Earth. Recognizing magick as the design of function broadens its applicability and importance, whether seen from a religious or scientific viewpoint.

Agnosticism teaches us that our knowledge is limited, allowing us to explore many regions of thought without fear. Magick, when viewed as a neutral relationship between form and function rather than a moral precaution, allows practitioners to analyze the impact of processes on both positive and destructive parts of life.

Considering the example of mistaking lighter fuel for drinking water, it is clear that understanding the composition of substances is critical. In this context, magick is the ability to recognize and navigate life's processes, as well as avoid malice or misfortune. Applying this perspective to one's own flaws and life's obstacles aids in appreciating the shape and functions of existence.

The secular, physicalist approach of Jangled Jester reduces magick to physical processes, connecting abstract ideas like energy to the actual worlds of math, chemistry, and physics. Accepting these hard themes broadens one's perspective of life's complexities, transforming commonplace routines into pleasant experiences.

Rather than getting bogged down by routines, investigate the magick within them. Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of daily routines such as waking up, grooming, and working a job can transform these banal acts into amazing experiences. Examining the reasons for disliking certain parts of life, such as an imperfect body or a mundane work, reveals opportunity for adjustment and growth.

Creating a physical version of magick entails reintroducing enchantment into ordinary life. Making the ordinary extraordinary does not imply settling for less, but rather recognizing the underlying functions that indicate potential for positive transformation. The overwhelming pressure to escape life's hardships can be relieved by physically grasping the reasons behind our actions and existence, allowing for a more meaningful connection with the enchantment contained in the everyday.

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