Connecting with Local Agnostics and Atheists

Connecting with Local Agnostics and Atheists

Jangled Jester is a secular Appalachian craft shop and agnostic magick blog participating in the preservation of consciousness.

Part of JJ'S goal is supporting agnostic enchantment around southern Appalachia.

If you're in another area and are looking to connect with agnostics and atheists, here are 25 ideas for hosting a local wellness group and social activities for your participants. Ideas provided by ChatGPT X Jangled Jester:

Local Art Exhibitions: Attend or organize local art exhibitions that showcase secularism, science, and other artistic expressions.

Digital Book Club: Form an online book club focused on literature exploring atheism, agnosticism, science, or philosophy.

Science Cafés: Host or join science cafés where members discuss scientific concepts and advancements in an informal setting. Organize secular meetups or coffee gatherings to connect with like-minded individuals and share perspectives on non-religious topics.

Digital AI-Art Shows: Create a digital platform for members to showcase their AI art.

Environmental Cleanup Events: Participate in local environmental stewardship events, emphasizing the shared commitment to environmental responsibility.

Atheist and Agnostic Podcasts: Collaborate on or recommend podcasts that delve into atheism, agnosticism, and related topics.

Secular Music Events: Organize or attend concerts featuring secular and alternative music to celebrate artistic expression outside of a a non-religious context.

Virtual Science Workshops: Conduct virtual science workshops or webinars where members can engage in hands-on scientific experiments or discussions.

Agnostic Occult and Magick Groups: Establish groups to discuss historical and cultural aspects of occultism and magick from a skeptical and secular perspective.

Artistic Collaborations: Encourage collaborative art projects or local art shows that explore themes of secularism, science, and philosophy.

Technology Hackathons: Participate in or organize technology-focused hackathons, emphasizing innovation and creativity in a secular context.

Outdoor Philosophy Walks: Arrange philosophical walks in natural settings, connecting nature with discussions on secular philosophy.

Secular Film Screenings: Host film screenings followed by discussions on secular themes, sparking conversations on shared values.

Secular Poetry Nights: Organize poetry nights or digital platforms to share naturalist poetry.

DIY Science Projects: Encourage members to share and collaborate on do-it-yourself science projects that emphasize hands-on learning.

Secular Meditation Sessions: Host meditation or yoga sessions that focus on secular principles, mindfulness, and self-reflection.

Gardening Groups: Form gardening clubs with a focus on environmental stewardship, connecting over a shared love for nature and sustainability.

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