Common Challenges of Transitioning to a Secular Worldview

Common Challenges of Transitioning to a Secular Worldview

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Transitioning to a secular worldview can be a challenging process that requires you to confront a variety of new beliefs and ideas. From coping with the loss of faith to finding new communities and building a new sense of identity, there are many obstacles that secularists may face.

Additionally, secularists may struggle to find resources and literature that support their beliefs, which can make the transition even more challenging. Fortunately, organizations like Spookywood create a supportive network for secular and critical explorers.

As a secular occult network, Spookywood is sharing resources and community with individuals navigating a transition to secular worldviews  without losing curiosity, awe and enchantment.

Here are some common challenges that may come with embracing secularism. 

Coping with the Loss of Faith

One of the most challenging aspects of transitioning to secularism can be coping with the loss of faith and the associated community.


Dealing with Social Isolation & Stigma

Depending on one's community, being a secularist may be seen as socially unacceptable or  stigmatized.


Developing a New Moral Framework

Secularism may require developing a new moral framework to guide decision-making, which can be difficult.


Feeling a Lack of Purpose

For some people, religious beliefs may have provided a sense of purpose and meaning in life, and transitioning to a secular worldview may leave them feeling adrift.


Finding New Communities

When leaving a religious community, secularists may need to find new friends and communities that align with their beliefs.


Overcoming Internalized Religious Beliefs

Even after leaving a religious community, individuals may still struggle with internalized beliefs and guilt associated with those beliefs.


Finding Secular Resources and Literature

There may be a lack of easily accessible secular resources and literature, making it challenging to learn about and embrace secularism.


Coping with Fear of Death

Religious beliefs may have provided comfort and reassurance about death, and transitioning to a secular worldview may leave them feeling anxious and uncertain.


Finding a New Sense of Identity

Religious beliefs may have been a central part of their identity, and transitioning to secularism may require finding a new sense of self and identity.


A good place to start for navigating these experiences is admitting they happen and accepting when they do. It’s normal to feel anxious, let down and lost when transiting from a religious perspective to secular worldviews.

You are experiencing a shift in your perception and also observing the way it shapes your daily life. Routine changes, thoughts change — even if it’s a step you’ve taken intrinsically for yourself, it makes sense that the journey comes with some challenges.

Spookywood is here to remind you to be brave and how to use scientific magick and secular arts to explore this experience.







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