Budget-Friendly Design Ideas to Transform Your Rental Home

Budget-Friendly Design Ideas to Transform Your Rental Home

Renters often face limitations when it comes to decorating living spaces. For example, they may not be allowed to paint walls or install permanent fixtures, such as shelving with nails. Additionally, they may have limited storage space or a small budget to work with. This article outlines various renter-friendly and budget-friendly ways to innovate a space, such as using removable wallpaper or decals, adding plants and utilizing multi-functional furniture. Here are some options for personalizing your space without making permanent changes or breaking the bank!


Towels You Like

Personalized hand towels in your preferred style, color scheme or aesthetic can add a unique touch to your space and make it feel more custom. By selecting towels that complement the decor and overall ambiance of the room, you can create a cohesive and personalized look.


Pillow and Cushion Covers

Pillow covers are a versatile way to switch up the look of your space without having to replace the entire pillow. Additionally, incorporating unique textures, patterns or materials in your pillow covers can add an extra layer of interest and depth to your decor.



Incorporate different styles, mediums or colors of art to create a layered and dynamic look that reflects your individuality! Support local artists or find new, favorite creators online.



By reflecting light and creating the illusion of more space, mirrors can make even the smallest rooms feel brighter and more open. Look for mirrors at local thrift stores and flea markets.



Knick-knacks, or small decorative items, can reflect your personal interests, hobbies or memories. While too many knick-knacks can make a space feel cluttered, when carefully curated and displayed, they can add warmth and personality to a room. Additionally, knick-knacks can be used to add texture, color or interest to a space, whether by incorporating a vintage item or a handmade piece.


Custom Faucets and Fixtures

Custom sinks and faucets can be a great way to make a rented space more appealing and personalized. By upgrading these fixtures, you can add a unique touch to the space that reflects your personal style. Custom sinks and faucets can also be used to address any functional or aesthetic issues with the existing fixtures, such as improving water flow or replacing outdated styles. Additionally, by investing in custom fixtures, you can create a sense of ownership and pride in the space even if you don't own the property.


Wall and Floor Stickers

By adding decorative stickers to floors or walls, you can easily and temporarily transform the space without making permanent changes.



Bookshelves are a great way to make a rented space more appealing and personalized. By incorporating bookshelves into your decor, you can display your favorite books, collectibles and decorative items in a way that reflects your personal style. Bookshelves can also serve as a functional storage solution, helping to organize and declutter your space.


Multifunctional Furniture 

Multifunctional furniture is an excellent option for renters who want to make the most of their space without spending a lot of money. With multifunctional furniture, you can get several pieces of furniture in one, such as a sofa bed or a coffee table that doubles as a storage unit. This type of furniture not only saves space, but it also saves money, as you don't have to buy multiple pieces of furniture.



Adding a rug to a rental space can transform the look and feel of a room without requiring any major renovations or investments. Rugs can be easily switched out to suit changing tastes or seasons, allowing renters to experiment with different colors and styles without committing to permanent changes.



Lighting and chandeliers can be expensive, but this shouldn't discourage renters from improving their living space with lights. A rented place can easily be transformed with the addition of affordable lighting fixtures such as pretty chandeliers, lamps or fairy lights. Adding lighting can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, and it can be a cost-effective way to inject some personality into a space without making any permanent changes.



Charms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, from delicate wind chimes made of glass or porcelain to larger metal chimes that produce a deep, resonant sound. Chimes can be hung outdoors on a balcony or patio, where they can catch the breeze and create a relaxing, musical atmosphere. They can also be hung indoors in a sunny window, adding a touch of whimsical beauty to any room. Chimes not only create a soothing sound, but they also add visual interest to a space, as they twirl and dance in the wind or catch the light in intriguing ways. 


Custom Blinds

Changing your blinds in a rental space can be an easy way to upgrade the look and feel of your living space. Many rental properties come with standard-issue blinds that may not match your personal style or preferences. By replacing them with blinds that you like better, you can transform the ambiance of your home with minimal effort. Custom blinds, for example, offer a wide range of design options that allow renters to select materials, colors, and patterns that fit their style. Upgraded blinds can also improve functionality, as you can choose options that provide better light control or privacy. Moreover, custom blinds can be installed easily without causing any damage to the rental property, so renters can take them with them when they move out.



Adding flowers and greenery to a rental space is an easy and affordable way to liven up the atmosphere and make the place feel more like home. Fresh flowers can add color and fragrance, bringing natural beauty to your living space. Dried flowers, on the other hand, can add texture and depth to your décor. Greenery, such as potted plants or hanging ivy, can also enhance the look and feel of your home, creating a calming and refreshing environment. Not only do plants and flowers provide a decorative touch, but they also offer several health benefits, such as improving air quality and reducing stress. Moreover, adding flowers and greenery is a flexible way to personalize your space, as you can change the arrangements and types of plants as often as you like.



Woven baskets can add texture and warmth to your space, while clear plastic containers can keep your belongings visible and easily accessible. Storage containers can also help you declutter your living space, creating a calming and stress-free environment. Additionally, storage containers can be used creatively to enhance your décor, such as using them to display books, magazines, or decorative objects.


Blankets and Bedding

Bedding and blankets can be easily swapped out or mixed and matched to create new looks, making them a flexible and affordable way to personalize your rental space.


Tension Rods

Tension rods can be a versatile and practical way to make your rental space more uplifting and cozy. These adjustable rods can be installed without drilling or causing damage to walls, making them ideal for renters who want to personalize their space without violating their lease agreement. Tension rods can be used in many ways to enhance your home décor, such as creating a makeshift room divider or hanging curtains to add privacy and light control. They can also be used to create additional storage space, such as by hanging baskets or shelves in your bathroom or kitchen.


Thrift and Local Markets

You can find unique and stylish pieces at a fraction of the cost of buying new items, and you're also reducing waste and helping the environment by giving items a new home. Thrift stores and local markets are also great places to find one-of-a-kind pieces that add personality and character to your living space. From vintage rugs to quirky art, the possibilities are endless. Not only is thrifting and purchasing used items an affordable way to decorate your home, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience. You never know what you might find, and the thrill of the hunt can be just as exciting as the end result.


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